Fire extinguishers – Wimbledon

We have nearly 20 years experience in fire extinguishers, serving all types of business customers in Wimbledon and London. 100% BAFE registered.

Fire Extinguishers – Wimbledon

fire extinguisher engineers wimbledon
Our engineers cover the whole of Wimbledon

Here at Surrey Fire & Safety we take great pride in our 2 decades of fire extinguisher experience, during which time we’ve served all types of business customer in Wimbledon and across London.

Our BAFE accredited engineers offer the whole range of fire extinguisher services  – supply, installation, test, service and repair.  All of our work is performed to British Standards.

We supply all types of fire extinguisher – water, foam, CO2, dry powder and wet chemical.  All of our extinguishers are kite-marked and meet both British and European standards.

We have such confidence in the quality of our extinguishers that we give a 5 year guarantee on every one sold as standard.

We appreciate that not everyone is a fire safefty expert (that’s our job after all!), so we offer all Wimbledon businesses a free fire extinguisher site survey.  If your Fire Risk Assessment doesn’t outline your extinguisher requirements, then our survey will specify which types of extinguisher you need, how many, and where you should locate them.  It’s vital to get this right because different extinguisher types tackle different types of fire.

We have supplied and fitted fire extinguishers for many different types of business in Wimbledon and London and pride ourselves on our great customer service and high quality work.

How we can help

  • The whole of Wimbledon and London served for the entire range of fire extinguisher services
  • Our engineers are 100% BAFE accredited and perform all work to British Standards
  • All types of extinguisher supplied: foam, CO2, powder, wet chemical and water, for all types of fires
  • Our fire extinguishers are Kite-marked, meeting both British and European standards
  • We guarantee all fire extinguishers we supply for 5 years as standard
  • We’ll remove your old fire extinguishers from your Wimbledon premises free or for a small charge

If you are looking for fire extinguishers in Wimbledon then give us a call.  We can offer you competitive prices and top-quality service from our team of friendly and professional fire extinguisher engineers.

To get a quote, arrange a survey, or just get some good advice, use our contact form, or call us on 0800 157 1113.

Fire extinguishers – Wimbledon

Fire Extinguishers – Wimbledon