Fire Marshal Refresher Training – Kingston

Fire Marshal Refresher Training – Kingston

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Our Annual Fire Marshal Refresher Training KINGSTON course re-certifies your Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens for the next 12 months and is held at our Kingston training venue.



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Our Fire Marshal Refresher Training KINGSTON course will update your Fire Marshals’ and Fire Wardens’ training –  in only 2 hours.

Whilst all Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens will have had introductory training, the fire brigade also recommends annual refresher training to keep their skills up to date.

We sometimes get asked if it matters if we didn’t do the initial training for the Fire Marshals.  The short answer is ‘no’ – any Fire Marshal can attend this course.

This is because the training will go back over the main topics from our introductory course, and finish with a short test to make sure everyone has understood.

All course attendees will be fully certified as Fire Marshals for the next 12 months, so that’s one less thing for your business to worry about.

We also allow time in the course for your Fire Marshals & Wardens to ask our expert trainers about specific fire safety procedures in your own business premises.

This course is particularly designed for existing Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens who have done some introductory training and not for ‘brand new’ Fire Marshals.

If your Fire Marshals haven’t yet gone through their initial training then they should attend our Fire Marshal Introductory Training Course, also held in Kingston.

Courses start at 9.30 am and finish at 11.30 am.  Tea, coffee, and refreshments will be available for attendees.

Our Kingston-upon-Thames training venue is The Guildhall in the High Street, around 10 minutes walk from both the Kingston and Hampton Wick train stations. There are several car parks within 10 minutes walking distance of the venue.

Read more about our Kingston training venue.


Our Fire Marshal Refresher Training KINGSTON course covers:

–    Key topics from our Introductory Fire Marshal course:
o Head Fire Marshal & Fire Marshal Duties
o Fire exits, fire doors, fire safety signs
o How to manage visitors and contractors
o How to work with the fire brigade
o What to do if a fire breaks out
o How to manage panic & evacuations
o The correct completion of paperwork
–    Legislation updates
–    New fire safety guidelines
–    Fire safety at your specific premises
–    Questions and answers
–    Evaluation test