Water mist fire extinguishers

These extinguishers are a relatively new development in fire safety and are one of the first extinguishers able to tackle Class A, B, C and F fires.

fire extinguisher engineerWater mist fire extinguishers use a very fine de-ionised water spray which not only puts out Class A fires like a standard Water fire extinguisher, but can also be used on liquid, electrical and oil fires (a Class A fire is a fire which involves ‘combustible materials’, such as paper, wood or textiles).

This is because the de-ionised mist doesn’t conduct electricity. It also creates no puddles during use – something which would be highly dangerous when tackling electrical fires.

Water mist extinguishers aren’t yet in common use, but they could have great benefits for professional kitchens, factories and workshops, to name but a few.

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Water mist fire extinguisher

Water mist fire extinguishers

Use for:

  • Paper, fabric and wood
  • Flammable liquid fires
  • Electrical fires
  • Kitchen fires

Don’t use for:

  • Flammable metals