Fire Regulations for Offices / Office Fire Safety in the UK – a simple guide for 2020

Having the right fire safety measures in place in your office is vital for the safety of the team and the office building itself. All office buildings in the UK are legally required to comply with UK fire regulations, so it’s important to understand Fire Regulations for Offices if you are responsible for your office’s […]

Fire Extinguisher Colours – we explain each fire extinguisher colour in our simple guide.

  There are 5 fire extinguisher colours: Red, Cream, Blue, Black, and Yellow.  Each colour represents a different type of extinguisher, used on different types of fires. The fire extinguisher colours changed in 1997 to meet British and European Standard BS EN3. All modern fire extinguishers have a red (or chrome) body, with the identifying […]

What is a Fire Risk Assessment and do you need one?

All business premises and every block of flats must have a Fire Risk Assessment by law, yet not everyone understands this important fire safety measure. We are often asked the question ‘what is a Fire Risk Assessment?’.  The fact is, your Fire Risk Assessment should be the cornerstone of your fire safety plans for your […]

Fire Safety in Tower Blocks – what you need to know

Adequate fire safety in tower blocks and purpose-built flats is vital, to protect the lives and homes of residents. As seen with the awful fire which raged through Grenfell Tower in North Kensington in London recently, fires in tower blocks can be devastating, even resulting in loss of life. To help residents, managing agents and […]

Fire Safety in Care Homes – a simple guide

  Fire safety in care homes is critically important.  Read our guide to find out the 5 things you must do if you are responsible for fire safety in a care home. Sadly, fire safety can be matter of life and death where there are vulnerable occupants concerned – such as the residents of care homes. This was brought […]

PAT testing explained – everything you ever wanted to know about PAT testing (and a little bit more)

‘What is a PAT test?’ is a question we get asked all the time.  So we’ve created a guide which answers your PAT testing questions in a simple and straightforward way.   When we get asked ‘what is a PAT test?’ we always take the time to understand exactly what our customer really wants to know […]

Fire exit signs and other fire safety signs – a simple guide to UK regulations in 2020

All business premises need at least 2 or 3 fire safety signs, however working out which ones you need and where you should put them can be confusing. Below we provide a simple guide. If you are responsible for any type of commercial premises, you may already know that you need fire safety signs.  Fire […]

Fire Marshal duties are key to keeping your premises, employees and customers safe.

Fire Marshal duties are one of the most important contributions to fire safety in your business, but are you clear what they are?  Our simple guide below explains all. It might surprise you to learn that a Fire Marshal’s main duty is to prevent fires. Sure, they have an important role to play in evacuating […]

How many fire marshals do I need? Follow our simple guide.

‘How many fire marshals do I need?’ is a question we often get asked by our business customers. In fact, the answer depends on the nature and size of your organisation. That’s why we’ve pulled together this simple guide to help you work out how many marshals you need in the workplace. Firstly, decide if you are a low […]

Fire Damage

Not all fires are expansive burning infernos that we see on dramatic news bulletins. However they all have the potential to spread at a rapid speed and quickly get out of control. For this reason, it can be difficult to contain a fire once a flame has been ignited and the damage it can cause […]

Do I need a fire alarm?

Do I need a fire alarm? we hear you cry! It’s a fact of life that most businesses do. Do I need a fire alarm is one of the most common questions we get asked. In a competitive world, protecting your business with fire alarms will never rank top of the ‘to do’ list. It’s […]

Reducing the Risk of Fire

Fire is a hazard that could affect any one of us and due to the rate at which it spreads its effects are often devastating. Fire needs a source of ignition, fuel and oxygen to continue burning. With oxygen being in the air we breathe, it is important that we have an awareness of keeping […]

Evacuations not Injury

Every month Fire and Rescue teams up and down the country deal with a wide range of incidents. Some fires are started accidently, others on purpose, some affect homes, others commercial or public buildings, but all have the potential to cause considerable harm. As a couple of examples, the London Fire and Rescue service was […]

Fire Safety in Public Buildings

We can make decisions about the fire safety equipment we install in our homes and we can ensure that our workplace is compliant, but fire safety affects every aspect of our lives. We assume that when we are in a public building, that the person responsible has abided by the regulations. Since the Regulatory Reform […]

The Importance of Fire Safety

Fire has many properties which make it beneficial to life. The ability to manage fire has been credited as one of the key points in the success of humans as a species. When we think of uses for fire, our first thoughts are for cooking and heating, but it has also played an important role […]

Reducing the Risk of Fire Damage

Once a spark has ignited, fire can spread rapidly through a building. The fire produces intense and dry heat which means flammable items within the building can easily catch alight and provide further fuel for the flames to spread. In addition to the heat and flames, fires give off smoke which can cause a lot […]

Helmets, honours, and a dog named Vinnie – meet Peter Woodman, Surrey Fire’s expert trainer.

We’re lucky at Surrey Fire and Safety Ltd. to have a team of passionate, dedicated professionals, and perhaps none more so than Peter Woodman, our trainer. Before joining Surrey Fire, Peter had a long and distinguished career of over 30 years in the London Fire Brigade, rising to the rank of Watch Commander, and has […]

Playing with fire – freight, factories and food are most flammable industries.

Have you ever wondered how likely your business is to have a fire?  Surely the probability can’t be that high, right?  Well, statistics for the latest year count 75,000 commercial incidents, meaning that, on average, you have a 2% chance of suffering a fire in your business premises. However, that risk increases significantly for some […]