Emergency Lighting

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Light the way for a quick and safe exit.

Added to the heat, fumes and confusion of a fire is often the inability to see. This is because a fire will often cause the building’s power to fail, impeding your employees’ ability to exit quickly and safely.

green colour emergency fire exit light

To give your team the greatest chance of getting out without incident, you need emergency lighting. It is designed to switch itself on if the main building lighting fails and will provide enough light to see by so that dangerous machinery can be shut down, and the premises safely evacuated.

We can install all kinds of emergency lighting, tailored for your business, as well as carry out regular testing and annual servicing, all in compliance with current legislation.

How we can help:

  • Fully-trained emergency lighting engineers
  • All sizes and types of businesses supported
  • All types of systems fitted and maintained
  • All systems certified to industry standard

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