Fire Equipment – London, Surrey & South-East

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There are many ways we can help you protect your business, beyond fire alarms, extinguishers, training and fire risk assessments.


Fire Safety Signs

We can provide everything from simple exit signs to bespoke signs outlining your business’s specific fire safety procedures.


Fire Hose Reel Servicing

If your Fire Safety Risk Assessment requires you to have hose reels on your premises then they will need to be serviced annually.  Our engineers are trained to carry out a full hose reel check.


Wet and Dry Riser Maintenance

Wet risers and their cousins, dry risers, are pipe network systems designed to help the fire brigade pump water into your building in the event of a fire.  These need to be visually inspected every 6 months and tested annually.  Our engineers are trained to help you fully with both of these requirements.


Fire Equipment – London, Surrey & the South-East

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