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We offer fire safety training for fire marshals and employees in London, Surrey & the whole of the South-East, so your team knows what to do if there’s a fire.

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Fire safety training – London, Surrey & South-East

Fire safety training is important. Everyone in your business must know what to do in the event of a fire.  For businesses with smaller premises this may simply mean pointing out the fire exits and explaining the evacuation procedure.

However businesses operating out of larger commercial premises with a higher number of staff need to provide more comprehensive fire safety training.

For these kinds of larger organisations, the Fire Industry Association’s guidelines say that fire safety training must include what to do on discovering a fire.  For example, how to raise the alarm, how to alert members of the public and visitors and arrangements for calling the emergency services.

Staff must also know the full evacuation procedure and you may want to train them to use fire-fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers.

UK fire safety legislation guidelines say that training must be kept up to date, which means making sure new employees are fully inducted, Fire Marshal training is refreshed regularly (usually once a year), and new training is carried out if there is a significant change to your commercial premises.

If you have a lot of people in your commercial premises, you must appoint Fire Marshals, also known as Fire Wardens.  Fire Marshals have proactive day-to-day duties, as well as reactive duties, should there be a fire.

See details of our Fire Marshal Training Course here.

Examples of day-to-day Fire Marshal duties

  • Check all emergency exits are indicated by the proper signs
  • Make sure all emergency exits are free from obstruction
  • Ensure fire alarm call points are indicated clearly with signs
  • Make sure fire extinguishers are in their proper locations and fully functional
  • Check general housekeeping, such as storage of paper and card or other flammable substances

Examples of emergency Fire Marshal duties

  • Raising the alarm or calling the emergency services
  • Using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire
  • Pointing out emergency exits during an evacuation
  • Helping disabled team members to evacuate
  • Manage the roll-call at the assembly point

Because Fire Marshals have so many important duties, they require specific Fire Marshal training.

We can help with this and all other types of fire safety training, whatever your business type and premises. Our chief trainer has a background in the fire brigade and 20 years’ training experience.

How we can help

  • Fire safety training offered across London, Surrey and the South-East
  • Expert trainer with a management background in the Fire Brigade & many years’ experience
  • Bespoke training programmes tailored to your business
    • Fire Marshal training
    • Employee fire safety awareness training
    • Fire extinguisher training
    • Evacuation drills
  • Up to 15 people per course
  • Certificate for all training participants
  • Held at your premises or a location to suit you

To book a fire safety course for your business today, or just to get some good advice, call 0800 157 1113 to talk to one of our experts.  Alternatively, you can use the contact form below.

Fire safety training – London, Surrey and the South-East

Fire safety training – London, Surrey and the South-East