BAFE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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Following the recent update from the Government regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus, and specifically, guidelines regarding those considered to be key workers, according to the latest information provided by the Construction Industry Council, the following are classed as key activities in relation to the fire sector:

  1. Fire safety inspections
  2. Requirement for maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment to meet Fire Safety Legislation – even if buildings are not occupied
  3. Waking Watch staff
  4. Ongoing need for fire risk assessments, both to meet legislation and new circumstances in buildings
  5. Electrical safety work / electrical failures
  6. Emergency leaking / flooding
  7. Water companies – remedial / emergency work to buildings and assets that are crucial to the supply of clean water,
  8. New or business / safety critical maintenance work on establishments which are involved in the supply chain of vital NHS equipment (for example where manufacturers are building units to make ventilators),
  9. New or business / safety critical maintenance work on establishments which are involved in the supply of medicines,
  10. Installation / maintenance technicians providing services to key sectors – health, power etc.
  11. Emergency callouts, safety checks and essential work in care homes
  12. Ongoing supervision and security measures.
  13. Sites where anti-terrorism considerations need to take precedence over other concerns – eg Palace of Westminster.
  14. Urgent works on emergency service properties other than health – police or fire, for example
  15. Security (for the public) of unattended sites is a concern
  16. Work on factories that make materials that are vital to all elements on this list

Source: Construction Industry Council

BAFE supports the Government view that individuals, wherever possible, should stay at home and avoid travel and contact with others.

With regards to existing contracts, we would urge all our Registered Companies to discuss with clients where there is a legal requirement or safety issue.

Information Published 01/04/2020