Fire Safety in Care Homes – 5 Things You MUST do to Keep Safe

5 critically important things you must do if you are responsible for fire safety in residential care homes. Read our guide to find out. Fire safety in care homes can sadly be matter of life and death where there are vulnerable occupants concerned. This was brought home recently in a care home fire in Hertfordshire […]

Fire Extinguisher Colours Explained in our Simple Guide

fire extinguisher types

There are 5 fire extinguisher colours: Red, Cream, Blue, Black, and Yellow. Each colour represents a different type of extinguisher, used on different types of fires. The fire extinguisher colours changed in 1997 to meet British and European Standard BS EN3. All modern fire extinguishers have a red (or chrome) body, with the identifying colour displayed […]

Fire Alarm Categories – A Guide to BS5839

Businesses differ from each other significantly and fire alarm categories are no different. Fire safety regulations require that any fire alarms you install are fit for purpose. By choosing fire alarms in the correct category, you can ensure that your staff remain safe and that you mitigate risks to your property.   Fire alarm grades […]

What Extinguisher Should Not be Used in Confined Spaces?

We often get asked what fire extinguisher should not be used in confined spaces. The truth is, not all fire extinguishers are the same. When a fire breaks out in your commercial property, you could be forgiven for simply reaching out for the first fire extinguisher that comes to hand. However, not all fire extinguishers […]

The Importance of Fire Safety – Prevention, Triggers, Devices & Plans

When fire isn’t carefully managed it is extremely hazardous. In the right conditions, flames and smoke can spread rapidly, causing considerable damage to people, property and the environment. Fires can be started accidentally or intentionally, but once alight the heat and poor visibility can make it difficult for people to escape or fight the flames. […]

Fire Safety in Tower Blocks & Flats – What You Need to Know

Adequate fire safety in tower blocks and purpose-built flats is vital, to protect the lives and homes of residents. As seen with the awful fire which raged through Grenfell Tower in North Kensington in London in 2017, fires in tower blocks can be devastating, even resulting in loss of life. To help residents, managing agents […]

Fire Marshal Duties – 23 Ways to Keep Your Premises Safe

fire marshal refresher training book a place on a course

Fire Marshal responsibilities are one of the most important contributions to fire safety in your business. Are you clear what they are? Our simple guide below explains all. It might surprise you to learn that the main part of Fire Marshal duties is to prevent fires. But before we address that let’s first answer the […]

How Many Fire Marshals do I Need?

fire marshal training croydon and fire warden public training in croydon

The number of fire marshals you need depends on the nature and size of your organisation. ‘How many fire marshals do I need?’ is a question we often get asked by our business customers.  That’s why we’ve pulled together this simple guide to help you work out exactly how many marshals you need in the workplace. […]

The Basics of Fire Safety – What do You Need?

Not all fires are the burning infernos that we see on dramatic news bulletins.  However they all have the potential to spread at a rapid speed and quickly get out of control.  For this reason, it can be difficult to contain a fire once a flame has been ignited and the damage it can cause […]

Do I Need a Fire Alarm?

‘Do I need a fire alarm?’ we hear you cry! It’s a fact of life that most businesses do. ‘Do I need a fire alarm?’ is one of the most common questions we get asked.  In a competitive world, protecting your business with fire alarms will never rank top of the ‘to do’ list.  It’s […]