Reducing the Risk of Fire

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Fire is a hazard that could affect any one of us and due to the rate at which it spreads its effects are often devastating.  Fire needs a source of ignition, fuel and oxygen to continue burning.  With oxygen being in the air we breathe, it is important that we have an awareness of keeping […]

Evacuations, Not Injury

Annual fire marshal refresher training in Kingston upon Thames - public training open to all fire marshals and wardens

Every month Fire and Rescue teams up and down the country deal with a wide range of incidents.  Some fires are started accidently, others on purpose, some affect homes, others commercial or public buildings, but all have the potential to cause considerable harm. As a couple of examples, the London Fire and Rescue service was […]

Fire Safety in Public Buildings

We can make decisions about the fire safety equipment we install in our homes and we can ensure that our workplace is compliant, but fire safety affects every aspect of our lives.  We assume that when we are in a public building, that the person responsible has abided by the regulations. Since the Regulatory Reform […]

Reducing the Risk of Fire Damage

Once a spark has ignited, fire can spread rapidly through a building.  The fire produces intense and dry heat which means flammable items within the building can easily catch alight and provide further fuel for the flames to spread.  In addition to the heat and flames, fires give off smoke which can cause a lot […]

Playing With Fire – Freight, Factories & Food are the Most Flammable Industries

  Have you ever wondered how likely your business is to have a fire?  Surely the probability can’t be that high, right?  Well, statistics for the latest year count 75,000 commercial incidents, meaning that, on average, you have a 2% chance of suffering a fire in your business premises. However, that risk increases significantly for […]