CO2 fire extinguishers

Our friendly, BAFE registered engineers supply, fit and service all extinguisher types, including Carbon Dioxide extinguishers, also known as CO2.


fire extinguisher engineerCarbon dioxide fire extinguishers are the go to extinguisher for computer server rooms as they excel at putting out live electrical fires. Most importantly, they don’t cause any damage or short-circuit the electrical items in question.

Having said that, care must be taken when using them in small spaces as there is a slim chance they may asphyxiate people. Also this kind of extinguisher does not greatly cool the source of the fire, so there’s a small chance it may re-ignite.

As with all of our fire extinguishers, we attach a five year guarantee as standard and only stock extinguishers that meet British and European standards.

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Co2 fire extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguishers

Use for:

  • Electrical fires, such as computer servers
  • Flammable liquids like paint or petrol

Don’t use for:

  • Kitchen fires – especially chip-pan fires
  • Combustible materials like paper, wood or textiles
  • Flammable metals

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